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Little Mi-Kis history

Mi-Ki's share a common ancestry with Papillion, Japanese Chin and Maltese. Unfortunately, the cloudy history of the Mi-Ki makes it impossible to tell what percentage of each breed is in the Mi-Ki bloodline. However, without a doubt, the originator did discover a breed with a remarkably sweet disposition that possesses a truly great loving and non-agressive nature. This has earned the Mi-Ki a reputation of being the "world's greatest lap dog", along with being full of love and affection.

Because of their non-agressive nature, Mi-Ki's are not yippy, mean or hyper like some ohter small breeds. Mi-Kis love sitting on your lap, going with you in the car or just about anything else you will do. As long as they are with you they're happy. These fascinating dogs will form an extremely strong bond with their owners.

Full grown Mi-Kis sizes average:

  • Height 5" to 8" tall at Shoulders - always under 10 inches
  • Weight 4 lbs to 8 lbs - always under 10 lbs

Mi-Ki's have hair, not fur, so they are "perfect for people with allergies." MI-Ki's hair can be long, which is called a long coat (the most popular), or short which is called a smooth coat.

Mi-Ki's live into their teens and have no known health conditions specific to their breed.




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