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About Little Mi-Kis

Little Mi-Kis is a small breeder where every Mi-Ki is born and raised in our home as a member of our family. All our Mi-Kis not only live in our house with us, our Mi-Kis go in the car with us when we go shopping (They enjoy riding in shopping carts in their carriers.), visiting our friends and even go to work with us four days a week. We take our Mi-Kis on walks and even an occasional hike through the woods.

Our Mi-Kis aren't just dogs, they are as much a part of the family as we are. That is why we can say all our Mi-Ki puppies are raised in a very loving family setting and are all ready socialized to live in your home with you. When you get your new Mi-Ki puppy, it will already be started on using a litter box, being groomed, and even walking on a leash. We will do anything we can to make the transition from our home to yours as easy as possible for both you and your new Mi-Ki puppy. So feel free to tell us what we can do to help you and your new Mi-Ki puppy with any special training and needs you may have.

That's the good news -- now the bad news. Because we raise our Mi-Kis this way, with all the love and attention they deserve, we choose to have only 3 or 4 litters a year. Even though we would love to have more than that (new Mi-Ki puppies are a lot of fun), we can't without sacrificing the quality of care we give our Mi-Kis and their new puppies and we just aren't willing to do that. Our goal is to raise the highest quality of Mi-Ki puppies possible for pets and/or show in the safest and most loving environment possible.

So if you are looking for an extremely affectionate, well behaved little lap dog, look no further, we can help you get one. Just promise you will love and care for your Mi-Ki puppy as much as we have. These are some of the things that will come with your new Mi-Ki puppy:

  • Happy faces and Wagging tails.
  • Pedigree Papers.
  • 3 Generation pedigree (many of them show champions).
  • First puppy shots.
  • Health Certification from licensed veterinarian.
  • Written Health Guarantee.
  • Food,halter & leash, & a toy.
  • DNA Profiling available upon request.
  • Pet Courier Service Available.






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